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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information

Infectious Disease Prevention Protocol

ServiceMaster Anytime has many years of experience cleaning and disinfecting hospitals and other facilities that have been at risk for exposure to various infectious diseases. In recent years we have assisted our clients and their facilities with exposure to SARS, MRSA, EBOLA and other concerns. We rely on our experience and a scientific, common sense approach that is thorough and cost-effective. We provide protective measures for our staff and a workable solution for our customers and their facilities.

Our recommendations are based on the CDC’s general recommendations for cleaning & disinfection:

  • Direct disinfectant wiping of all critical points of exposure and high-touch surfaces (phones, keyboards, doorknobs, light switches, etc).
  • Apply sanitizing agent to all bathroom and break room fixtures and wipe with a disinfectant cleaner.
  • Applying an EPA registered broad-spectrum disinfectant in all areas of concern. This allows an effective disinfectant to come into contact with most surfaces in a given space.
  • Proper disposal of contaminated cleaning materials.

ServiceMaster Anytime follows the CDC recommendations for employee protection (Personal Protective Equipment) and safety.

  • Respiratory protection
  • Eye protection
  • Protective suits
  • Disposable Hand protection

ServiceMaster Anytime only uses disinfectants that are effective given the EPA’s standard. A list of those products and their MSD documents are available upon request. Products must meet one of the following:

  • Approved by the EPA to inactivate at least one large or one small enveloped virus to be eligible for use againstan enveloped emerging viral pathogen.
  • Approved by the EPA to inactivate at least one large or one small non-enveloped virus to be eligible for useagainst a non-enveloped emerging viral pathogen.
  • Approved by the EPA to inactivate at least two small, non-enveloped viruses with each from a different viralfamily to be eligible for use against a small, non-enveloped emerging viral pathogen.

ServiceMaster Anytime has trained and credentialed personnel available to respond to any emergency your business may have. Please call 1-805-963-1365 for additional information.

“Hand hygiene is the #1 way to prevent the spread of pathogens!”

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